Now that we’re well aware that Donald Trump is the next US President-elect, media reports have filtering stories of Americans wanting to leave the US and the signs are there.

While the UK and Canada may be the popular choice amongst Americans, there are a few countries that should be considered. So, prepare your visas and plan your travel itineraries, here are the top countries Americans should consider calling ‘home’:

The Philippines

                                                     Siargao Island in The Philippines is home to spectacular clear blue lagoons, majestic lakes, limestone mountains and mystical coves. Source: WordPress via Pinterest

American influences are strong in The Philippines. Not only is American food culture present but life in The Phillippines is quite economical. They have a great interest in businesses and investments which means you can live a life of royalty (sic). The real estate scene is a booming industry and oh, have I mentioned that business is great?!

The downside is safety is a cause for concern but with that aside, one just cannot pass up the opportunity


                                           Cenote Azul in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico makes the perfect spot to refresh the soul and its great for snorkelling. Source: via Pinterest

Now, before anyone can say “No, never”, here’s why I put Mexico on the list.

Quite like Cuba, Mexico have a strong political standing, making the country a haven for expats. America’s Spanish neighbour also greatly influenced by the American culture and they openly cater to Americans too.

What makes Mexico important is the liberties one can experience and there’s plenty of work opportunities. Probably the easier option, other than Canada, all it takes a road trip to the Mexico border and…(snap), you’re in Mexico. #VivaLaMéxico

Hong Kong 

                                                          The city skyline of Hong Kong. Source: David Iliff/TripHobo via Pinterest

A city that was once under British rule, the English language is thoroughly spoken in Hong Kong. Although, carrying more of British culture (yes, the Royals are a big deal here), Hong Kong is a city constantly bustling quite like any American city.

While their pop culture is predominately Asian, the only downside is that it’s quite expensive to live in Hong Kong.


                                           The view of Panama City, Panama from Avenida Balboa towards Marbella and Punta Paitilla. Source: via Pinterest

Probably the most interesting pick on the lis, Panama, like Mexico, caters to American expats. Considered on of the most liberal countries to live, Panama some have amazing urban and rural living options for expats to pick and choose.


                                                      The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland. Source: Flickr via Pinterest

What makes Switzerland top of the list is that the country has the best geographical location, sharing its border with Germany, France, and Italy. So travelling to either country could take somewhat an hour or so.

…and they’re part of the EU (sorry Britain).

Amazing scenic views, hosting two of the strongest global cities namely Zurich and Geneva and having the best medical and education systems in the world (the World Health Organisation sits in Geneva), undoubtedly, Switzerland is the clear winner.

With a strong job security level and expats could earn double compared to living in the US, life is quite a bliss when living in Switzerland.

Countries that missed the cut: Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Bahrain and New Zealand (although I think I should add New Zealand on the list)

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