A change in season is the sign to up your sneaker game with the freshest looks. But the great outdoors can be an unforgiving place, especially for a clean pair of kicks.

Sneaker LAB founder Jo Farah recommends four tricks to keep your sneakers at their best:


Bust the dust

You’ve made it through the winter blues, and now it’s time to spring clean your favourite pair of sneakers. If you’ve tucked your light-coloured sneakers in the back of the cupboard for the last few months, give them a dust off with a specially designed soft premium brush and set them out to air before you wear them.

Skip the machine

A classic pair of white sneakers is a season must have. But these are also most likely to get dirty. Don’t put your sneakers in the washing machine or dryer; this creates permanent damage. 


Some materials absorb water and will warp in the water or lose their cushioning in heat. If you love your kicks, keep them away from the machine.

Crisp and clean

Don’t despair – there is a better option than machine washing, and the good news is that with a bit of care, you can get those sneakers looking as good as new. 


Sneaker LAB’s pro-bacteria concentrated solution accelerates the breakdown of dirt at a microscopic level and continues cleaning for up to three days after application. The natural, biological formula is safe to use on most fabrics.

Keep them in shape

If you have seasonal footwear and are packing away your winter style, make sure you clean your sneakers before you store them away. Make sure they’re in stored boxes in a dry spot and fill them with tissue paper to keep them smelling fresh. 


Using Sneaker LAB’s Sneaker Protector before you store them away will ensure they stay in mint condition until you’re ready to wear them next year.