George Ezra believes some celebrities are “half android”.

The ‘Shotgun’ hitmaker has claimed there have been two A-list stars he’s met in the past who have acted so bizarrely in conversation with him that he’s convinced they’re not completely human.

Speaking on his ‘Phone a Friend’ podcast, he said: “There’s definitely one or two A-list celebrities I’ve met that are half android. I don’t want to get into that whole conspiracy but I’ve met a few people in the public eye that are half bot. It’s like, ‘Bleep bloop, lovely to meet you, bleep bloop.’ That’s something I have experienced.”

George brought up the topic whilst claiming his phone is punishing him for not using the device enough.

George Ezra picture: Instagram

The 26-year-old musician left his phone at home during a day out recently, which he claims angered the device, as it started glitching when he tried to use it.

He explained: “It’s as if my phone knows and is punishing me.

“I do find it very peculiar that the one day I neglect this piece of tech, I come home and it’s like, ‘App shutting down,’ and it’s still wigging out a bit.

“Obviously when my phone starts to do this, I’m equipped for this. I’m like, ‘I’ve met your type before’.”

But it’s not just the potentially-robotic A-listers who have been acting strangely, as George recently confessed to snacking on garlic whilst in self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

George Ezra picture: Instagram

The ‘Budapest’ singer has been cramming cloves into his meals in recent months, because he loves the taste of garlic, and knows no-one will have to smell the devastating effect it has on his breath.

He said: “One thing that’s happened during this ­isolation is I have quadrupled my garlic intake because I know I’m not seeing anyone.

“Every meal I cook is just loaded full with ­garlic. If the recipe says three cloves, I’m like, ‘That’s at least six, maybe seven.’ “