There are only a few weeks left before the Rage festival hits Durban shores on 30 November.

The week-long festival is making a comeback with some changes. One being the tickets, which this year will be referred to as passports and will give you access to the different activations that take part during the festival.

Another perk of the passports is that you get a tag on your wrist that will contain a code that when scanned will reveal your medical records and all your details.

As fun as the event is for all the attendees, this year there have been some extreme upgrades to the safety measures taken to ensure the festival goes off without any issues.

Chatting to William Mcintyre, the Director, he said in the 15 years the festival has been going on that has not been any severe injuries or issues but to further continue with that reputation they have taken it up a notch when it comes to ensuring the safety of the attendees.

Mcintyre said the measures were divided into two sections, preventative and reactive measures.

The preventative measures include onsight police and undercover police that will be ensuring the safety of the attendees around the clock.

At the entry gates, everyone will get patted down by security before entering the festival to ensure that no weapons or unwanted materials are brought in.


For when anyone feels under the weather an onsight hospital will be available for attendees.

There will also be some onsight peer to peer counselors which will be there to walk attendees home if they need someone or will be available to talk about anything.

“Security companies have also been brought on board to be our eyes and ears outside of the event, we won’t miss anything,” said Mcintyre.

He added that this year they have moved away from using clubs because they found that that would cause security issues, now they have their own entertainment venues like the Samsung Super Club and the Sound Factory.

The reactive measures include a 24/7 ambulance service in both Umhlanga and Ballito so if someone is feeling sick there will be ambulances available for any emergency.

All these measures will ensure that attendees will enjoy the fun-filled festival which promises pool parties, beach parties, and performances from artists including Black Coffee, Nasty C, Ricky Rick and a lot more.

“This year we expect a record-breaking 15 000 attendees who will all be safe,” said Mcintyre.