Lobola negotiations between the families of the late hip-hop artist HHP and Lerato Sengadi were not completed and the agreed upon amount was not paid in full, an affidavit from the musician’s father said.

Robert Tsambo’s answering affidavit forms part of court proceedings in the high court in Johannesburg on Friday in which Sengadi is attempting to interdict Jabulani Tambo’s family from burying him in the North West province.


Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/African News Agency/ANA

According to Tsambo, they met with Sengadi’s family on February 28, 2016 for Lobola negotiations. 

“On the same day the family made a payment of R30,000, the outstanding amount was R10,000, of which an amount of at least R5,000 was going to be paid at the future meeting and that meeting never happened,” said Tsambo in his affidavit.

“I deny that Sengadi and my son concluded a customary marriage.” 

Tsambo attaches a note from HHP’s mother which gives details around the lobola negotiations that failed to conclude.

Tsambo said Jabulani and Lerato were not married according to their customs and in terms of the requirements outlined in the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act. He claims Sengadi was not handed over to the Tsambo family and based on that she was not his wife.

“Ms Lerato Sengadi was never handed over to the Tsambo family by any form of ceremony, accompanied by her family members, so as to be accepted as Makoti as this is the vital requirement in validating the customary marriage,” Tsambo’s affidavit reads.

He said that the fact that Jabulani lived in the same house with Lerato Sengadi does not change their mere cohabitation into a concluded customary marriage.

The Tsambo family said Sengadi was welcome to attend the funeral in Mahikeng on Saturday. 

The case continued.

– African News Agency (ANA), Editing by Chantall Presence