Headscarves have gradually started to make waves in the fashion industry – it’s hard to keep room for hats in your closet when headwraps are just so fabulous. 

Not only do headwraps protect our sculp from being burnt in summer, they also create the head turning effect at events. They literally transform your dull look into some goddess
from a sexy planet.

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Back in the days, head scarves were worn for religious reasons, the main goal being modesty. However today they are worn as fashion statements, to keep hair neat and out of your
face and they come very handy in winter to help keep you warm.

Watch: How to wrap your head scarf


The best part about headscarves is that they accommodate all hairstyles and there are endless styles to play around with.

There are different ways to tie the headwrap, it can either be with a top knot or by wrapping it loosely.

Tip: For the best look, go a little crazy by mixing different colours or go for african prints. The mixture not only makes it look creative it also adds some volume.

There are millions of styles and tutorials out there, but we have compiled the best headwrap techniques you should know for both beginners and advanced.

Check out celebrities that kill a doek/ head wrap: 

1. Nomzamo Mbatha


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2. Ntando Duma

It’s not how we make mistakes but how we correct them that defines us?

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3. Boitumelo Thulo

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4. Nandi Mgoma

5. Pearl Thusi

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