As we crawl towards the 2018 finish line, with our batteries (and bank -balances) dangerously low, now might be the time to do a thrifty wellbeing check-up. 

This includes checking-out your physical, emotional and social wellness because, believe it or not, they’re all connected. (Perhaps the phrase, believe it or not, is not ideal in this context, given that much of the exhaustion is probably the result of fake fatigue – never really knowing whether to believe it or not).

The good news is, with a little more time spent on self-reflection and less on hitting like icons, when you don’t actually like what’s been posted; you can step into 2019 feeling a whole lot lighter, brighter and enthused about life. 

The bad news is that the silly season notoriously begs us to put on masks, of the most ridiculous kind, and party ourselves into oblivion.

Needless to say, end-of-year, is possibly the most difficult time to commit to a STF (Shake the Fake) Detox. However, it’s probably the most satisfying. Given your real friends, colleagues and even journos feel as hammered by fake fatigue as you, you’ll be well supported on your programme. 

Of course, a good cleanse always begins with water, that’s why sugar-free, sweetener-free, preservative-free Seltzer Essence, would like to offer you some free advice on how to shake the fake:  


1. Start with self – not a selfie

It’s easy to talk about being real, it’s much harder to be. But it’s the only way to truly feel the benefits of a fake-free life. Tossing the masks, we’ve collected over the years and stepping into our real selves not only frees us from our toxic traps, but it earns us respect and gives those around us permission to do the same. Best of all, being your authentic self means you have no competition.

2. Don’t confuse quality with quantity

So, you’ve hit the 1000 friends mark on FB – yessss! But how many of those friends can be counted on in tough times? With how many of those buddies have you spent real time in the last year? (Here, we are talking about the ones who live in the same town as you do). According to Oxford Professor, Robin Dunbar “only about 15 of your Facebook friends are actually friends, while just five would be labelled close friends.” In truth, if you want more time, energy and connection in your life – remember the phrase less is more.


3. Say BBFF

Given you can probably manage five real relationships in real life, perhaps it’s time to say Bye Bye Fake Friends. You know the ones who phone you up when they need something and bring you down when they don’t. The ones who don’t listen because they’re waiting to talk. The ones who are draining the little energy you have left to reach the year-end finish line.

4. Put a big X through the air kiss

Or at least a question mark, after the mwah mwah! The chances are, that the gesture is as fake as a 6.99cm eyelash. The truth is, you really don’t have to be fake to fit in. In fact, according to an article titled How to Become Social (Without Becoming Fake) that appeared, being social is our natural state. That’s why “being social and being a more authentic, happier person go hand and hand.” The article points out how fearless little kids are in social situations. “They’re not worried about how they come across and are not afraid to interact with strangers.”


5. Use your filters wisely

Sure, some waters, unlike Seltzer Essence, need filtering. As do some poorly lit pics (they’re much easier on the eye with aWarm Vivid treatment). But what really needs filtering is fake news. According to a recent Wired article, “the largest ever study into misinformation on Twitter has found that false news spreads further and faster than the truth.” And we can’t blame the bots, this time – because it seems it’s the humans that are doing the spreading. So, what exactly can we do to filter out this fake news? To be honest, this no-sugar, no sweetener, no preservative sparkling water brand is in no position to give you the definitive answer. But we do suggest filtering out the false people, for starters.

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