Lili Reinhart has been keeping her beauty routine “very natural” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The ‘Riverdale’ star is currently staying at home amid the global health crisis, and has said she’s been trying to keep her lockdown beauty routine as simple as possible, because she has “no reason to put makeup on” when she isn’t leaving the house.

Discussing her lockdown style, she said: “It’s been very natural. I try not to wear too much makeup in my daily life to begin with, but then when you don’t really leave the house, there’s no reason to put makeup on.”

Lili Reinhart. Picture sourced from Instagram

If Lili does feel like putting on makeup, she keeps it minimalistic, and opts for items from the CoverGirl Clean Fresh collection, as she was named the face of the CoverGirl brand back in October 2019.

She told The Kit: “When I do wear makeup, I’ve been using my CoverGirl Clean Fresh collection. The line just really goes hand in hand with my philosophy on beauty which is clean, natural, glowy skin. I like when you can see your skin underneath the foundation, and it’s just doing a little colour correcting and adding a bit of a base to your face. That’s how I do my makeup. I’ve been using the CoverGirl Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer. I have really dark under-eyes because I have fair skin and blue undertones there, and this concealer isn’t heavy and I can layer it.”

Meanwhile, Lili recently said she loves to “experiment” with makeup, whilst helping to launch the CoverGirl Clean Fresh collection.

Lili Reinhart. Picture sourced from Instagram

She said in January: “I love to experiment with makeup, but people are getting in a bad habit of hiding their skin under layers and layers of product … I’ve learned you don’t have to over powder your face and letting your actual pores show is actually really beautiful in photos … I’m working with CoverGirl on this campaign to promote the idea that natural skin is beautiful … The Clean Fresh collection is what I stand for and how I wear my make up on a daily basis.”