Not all of us get to take trips across the world but some lucky people like journalist and photographer Kailene Pillay get that chance! 

She will be heading to the Indonesian Island of Bali this Saturday with her partner.

Kailene shared the top 5 things she is looking forward to trying out in Bali:

1. Balinese Cuisine…

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“I want to try a type of fish that they deep fry there and they do it in an Indonesian way which I want to try,” said Kailene. Kailene is referring to Gurame Bakar which is deep fried until you can snap the bones like crackers. She added that she was also a fan of Asian food so was looking forward to eating the noodles there. 

2. Bali Swings & Rice Terraces…

“They grow their own rice there and in the rice fields you can go and take lovely pictures. There’s a nice swing that is like a nest, they call it the Bali swing that you can sit on and just take lovely pictures,” she said. The Bali Swing is one of Bali’s most instagrammable spots. 

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3. Watersports… 

She plans to go parasailing and try out snorkelling while she is on the island. “Water sports are very popular on the island so I want to try parasailing and all the other water sports,” she said.
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4. Balinese Culture…

Kailene said she was looking forward to seeing the different cultures on the Island. “They are big on Temples and I know that the religions there are Hinduism, Islam and then Christianity so in a place like that you will find a temple right next to a mosque and then a church right next to that and I find places like that really beautiful,” she said. 
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5. (Tattoo) Shopping…

Kailene said she was looking forward to shopping not just for clothes but also tattoo’s. “They are big on tattoo’s there, I have a few ideas of what I want but when you get to another country you tend to go with the designs they come up with. They have traditional tattoo’s there that I am interested in seeing,” she said.
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She added that she definitely wanted to get a tattoo of a little palm tree and a wave on her ankle because she is an island girl at heart
The three items she said she will definitely be taking with her are; her bikini, camera/phone for lovely pictures and wet wipes or hand sanitizer.     
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