Keeping up with the Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian West has tested positive for Lupus antibodies.

She broke down in tears during Sunday night’s premiere of her family’s E! reality TV show after her doctor told her that she has traces of the autoimmune disease – which occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs – and rheumatoid arthritis in her blood after she began complaining of painful wrists and tiredness.

Kim – who was expecting her fourth child Psalms via surrogate at the time – said: “Lately, my wrists have started to hurt again, but it’s definitely a different feeling than before. I feel this, like, in my bones. I just am, like, freaking out. I have a baby on the way, I have law school. It just really can scare you when you start really thinking about how much this is gonna really change my life.”

Kim Kardashian West. Picture: Instagram

Her doctor was then heard speaking to her over the phone and said: “Your antibodies are positive for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. You’d have in addition to swollen joints, you’d have fevers, rashes, mouth sores and be really tired.”

However, he then went on to say that it doesn’t necessarily mean she has the conditions as the screenings can sometimes bring up a “false positive.”

He said: “Sometimes you can get false positives in these screenings.”

The 38-year-old star’s doctor then ordered some more tests to determine for sure whether she has Lupus and she was hoping to get the results at a later date.

Reality TV star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian West. Picture: Instagram

The outcome wasn’t shared on the show but Kim was live tweeting throughout and said: “Luckily I got an answer quickly but it was a rollercoaster of emotions. Thinking about the pain in my hands and what it could be is really scary and can get you in a scary headspace. I was so anxious to just figure out what was wrong.”

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