South Africans are still going crazy over the drama series “Lockdown” that debuted on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) on Monday 9 January at 20:00. The show’s repeat was last night.

The all-female cast, present a gripping prison series filled with drama, action and mystery.

The story surrounds two women who took a wrong turn, and end up on the wrong side of the law.

On the first episode, we are introduced to Ma-Z played by Dawn Thandeka King, who is sent to prison for the murder of her molester and uncle, whose wife, Sibongile, is now the guardian of her only daughter Nkuli.

In prison, hardcore Ma-Z is a fighter, a leader and a well-respected inmate among the ladies.

When we meet Ma-Z, she is left with only 10 days before her release.

She is trying to be on her best behaviour and is determined to keep it that way, in order for her to get out of prison, and rescue her daughter.

The drama intensifies when the power hungry warden, Sharon conspires with Sibongile to keep Ma-Z inside with a sudden fight that starts from nowhere.

Who knows? Maybe Ma-Z will be blamed for that.

We just have to wait and see.

The cast consists of some of South Africa’s best TV personalities.

Viewers genuinely fall in love with the characters; their stories – easily recognisable to many.

Twitter pretty much lost its mind on Monday after the debut and it was still trending last night after the repeat, with people predicting the culprit behind the inmate’s fight:

Praise from tweeps have been pouring in for the actress Lorcia Cooper, she has been off our TV screens for a while but it seems like she is back with a bang and Mzansi is adamant that she ‘would carry the show going forward’.

Be sure to watch the next episode tonight for more drama

In case you’ve missed the episodes, here is what Mzansi had to say about it:

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