TV personality and soon to be mother-of-two, Luthando Lootlove Shosha celebrated her sunflower themed baby shower over the weekend. 

The TV and Radio host who is expecting rapper Reason’s twins, took to her Instagram to post some of the beautiful moments captured at the shower. 

(c) Instagram/lootlove2

The celebration comes after she had revealed some of the difficulties she faced while hiding the pregnancy at the earlier stages. 

In a lengthy Instagram post, she wrote, “Went through my insta tl [Instagram Timeline] and I was laughing about all the moments captured and posted where I knew Hip & Hop (Btw, to all those who keep asking: We’re definitely NOT naming them that! 😆) were on the way but I couldn’t say anything.”

“I remember at this event where I’m wearing pink, I thugged it out and ate snacks. That didn’t last long, I had to sneak out and throw up as silently as I could and carry on with the event like nothing happened… Honestly, the toilet and I were best friends for a bit,” she added. 

At the South African Music Awards where Lootlove was presenting an award with actress and musician Boity, was a challenge for her because she was paranoid and felt bloated.  

“I just felt terrible all the time, lethargic. I literally wanted to throw up as we were about to walk out on stage to present the award,” she wrote. 

Luckily now that everything is out in the open Lootlove can enjoy her pregnancy in peace. Reason was at the baby shower and Lootlove posted a picture of them captioning it, “best friend”. 

(c) Instagram

Lootlove was also surrounded by her family and friends. 

Lootlove with friends Siyanda Bani and Masi Tonsti (c)Instagram/@masitontsi