A research study has revealed that millennials are opting for non-traditional Christmas decorations this holiday season – choosing to decorate their trees with unicorns and mermaids rather than tinsel.

Often accused of “ruining” traditions, millennials have now set their sights on Christmas ornaments, according to the research.

The findings were the result of research by American Express Shop Small which found that 45 percent of the UK’s households will be overlooking Santa Claus and his reindeer in favour of more interesting decor.

Of the millennial shift in ornament taste, woodland creatures lead the way as the most popular choice, with 38 percent revealing they would be decorating their trees with the animals.

Unicorns will also be nestled amidst tree branches leading up to Christmas as 24 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed said they plan to decorate with the mythical creatures.


Others from the younger generation have decided they will express their Christmas spirit through mermaid, dinosaur, and prosecco bottle ornaments.

The research also found that many millennials are over the typical green Christmas trees, and have chosen millennial pink as the replacement.

In response to the unique choices, vice president at American Express Caroline Bouvet said: “While many of the Christmas traditions hold firm, tree decorations are one area where it seems consumers are looking to express their personality and have some fun.

“Whether it’s a unicorn or a reindeer you’re looking for, we’d like to urge shoppers in search of festive adornments this Small Business Saturday to show their support for local independents and to shop small.”

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Tonton Pelczynski, creative director of Sass & Belle, a home and giftware store that sells unique ornaments, added: “We’ve seen that the younger generations want to create an experience for family and friends that gives them a chance for playful self-expression, and what better way than to fill your Christmas tree with unicorns and mermaids?”

Despite the non-traditional decor, millennials still plan to deck the halls with Christmas decorations for at least a month leading up to the holiday – with the research finding that most people think the first of December is the earliest acceptable day to put up decorations.

And flamingo and llama ornaments aside, millennials may actually be more dedicated to the holiday than the generations before them – with previous research finding Britons aged 18 to 24 are more likely to prioritise putting up a Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday.

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The top 10 millennial Christmas decorations are:

  • Woodland creatures 
  • Unicorns
  • Mermaids
  • Dogs
  • Prosecco bottles
  • Flamingos
  • Rainbow cakes
  • Rockets
  • Llamas

-Chelsea Ritschel for Independent UK

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