Ahead of Motorola’s long awaited release of the upcoming Razr, they have warned users to expect “bumps and lumps” on the screen.

The remake of the iconic Razr flip phone is set to launch next month, following a trend started by other manufacturers in releasing foldable smartphones. 

In a video titled ‘Caring for your Razr’, Motorola stated: “Screen is made to bend; bumps and lumps are normal.”


The warning follows issues and delays with other folding phones, most notably with the Samsung Galaxy Fold last year.

The fiasco saw the world’s biggest smartphone maker push back the launch of what it described as “the foundation of the smartphone of tomorrow”, after several review units broke when folding.

Motorola Razr foldable phone

Motorola’s clamshell-style smartphone has also faced delays, having previously been scheduled to go on sale at the end of December. 

Last week the company opened pre-orders for the revamped flip phone ahead of its expected release date in early February.

Unlike the Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, the Motorola Razr folds vertically rather than horizontally. It unfolds into a 6.2in screen and also comes with a 2.7in Quick View Display on the front that allows users to view notifications when it is closed.

​The latest Motorola video also warned users to “avoid sharp objects” and to close the device before placing it in a pocket or purse. The folding phone comes with its own protective coating, meaning screen protectors are unnecessary.

Motorola’s Razr flip phone is making a comeback. Picture: Instagram

The emergence of bendy screen technology as a viable and affordable option for smartphones will likely see even more manufacturers unveil bendy devices this year.

After overcoming the issues with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is expected to announce new folding phones at its Unpacked event in February.