If you’re at a point in your life where you feel as if you should’ve ‘achieved’ something great by now or have some sort of direction in life (but don’t) it’s totally okay.

Speaking from experience here; I had no clue what I wanted to study let alone do with my life and to eventually get a *gasp* JOB. (But, I’m slowly getting there).

I’ve had my fair share of failures but honestly, the failure shapes you way better than success.

All throughout our schooling years, we imagine how our lives should pan out…finish school, study, get a job, make money, have your own place, get married…

Sounds easy enough? Wrong.

During these crucial times, no one warns you or prepares you for things like failure or uncertainty.

I was so conflicted when starting grade 10 because this was the time for “subject choices”. Being told that the subjects you were going to choose now would determine what and where you would one-day study really freaked me out.

To make matters worse you get pressured to start thinking about your future career because by grade 11 you need to start applying and working toward University. UHM WHAT. (please note, by this time I still had no clue what I was going to do).

So, by the time you’re out of your teens and hit the big 2 0 you should’ve at least gained some direction in life. LOL. NO.

I wish I could’ve told my 17-year-old self that all those things are absolute BULLSH*T.

You know what they should’ve taught us in High School instead?

-What happens/what to do if you don’t achieve those marks to get into that dream course of yours?

-What if you get to University and actually realize you want to be a ballerina instead? (this is obviously an e.g. but you get the point).

-What to do if you worked your butt off to get that degree but still have no job?

-What if studying and books just aren’t for you? What are the other options?

That’s the problem.No one’s ever told us about any of these scenarios and I found myself Googling these questions (to no avail).

These are all normal situations that any 20 something-year-old faces.

I’m studying a subject (Fashion) that I probably won’t even use and at the moment I’m currently pursuing something in a different field, journalism.

Sometimes, I think I made a mistake for putting myself through the stress of fashion design (those of you who do/have studied fashion would know exactly what I’m talking about).

But, if I didn’t go for it and see what it’s about I would’ve probably regretted it all my life.

You can study 5 different courses in the span of six months until you find the one you love or don’t study at all; who cares?

You are responsible for your own future, your hard work, determination and work ethic is going to get you to where you want to be it’s not limited to a degree.

I have no writing degree or course whatsoever but still; I’m pursuing writing.

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The more you fail, the more you learn and you try and make it better.

You guys should know this because if you aren’t at a certain point in your life or if you’ve been failing miserably it’s okay. You’re human. You’re young. Life will work itself out.

Do not let failure define you. Look at everything you achieved and what YOU’RE proud of…

I promise you there’s so many things you’ve accomplished but hadn’t really looked at it because it doesn’t define society’s definition of “success”.

Be grateful for your failure and never stop trying…

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm” –
Winston Churchill

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