Since its inception, Uber has picked up, driven and dropped off millions of customers worldwide, many at local restaurants, bars, and clubs. Been purely been driven by data and it uses its trip data to optimises its services like routing and pick up spots but now Uber will be utilising its trip data in a new, innovative way.

Uber launched its Uber Restaurant Guide to cover all the food spots across the US. Already in 12 US cities (LA, New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Phoneix, Nashville and Pittsburgh), the restaurant guide filters and organises these spots by an array of categories such most popular, best breakfast joints and where to find the Vietnamese restaurants.

By utilising the user/rider’s data such as popular routes, destination drop-offs and time of day, it can recommend restaurants to the rider including local favourites, most frequent spots by other Uber riders, up and coming restaurants and best date night or late night hangouts.

Currently, live on its site, this service could have its stand-alone app or it could be migrated into the Uber app, but whatever path it chooses, we’ll sure be able to dine in the city an Uber drive away.

For more information, visit or download Uber from the Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS users.

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