CAPE TOWN – I just found myself in a war of words with someone whom I won’t name, but the debate over which game is better had me ROFLing and funny enough, spawned an idea that will surely ruffle some feathers.

So, what exactly am I talking about?

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most highly competitive games, aside from Halo, Destiny, Call of Duty and Battlefield, in the gaming universe.


LoL is an online multiplayer battle arena game that allows players to assume the role of a summoner, controlling a champion to battle against other controlled champions.

The aim? To destroy the enemy team’s “nexus” to ensure victory. While I may be no expert in LoL, I have seen plenty of people trying their hand and either a) fail hard or b) succeed. On the other end of the spectrum, Clash of Clans is a freemium strategy tabletop mobile game where the main objective to win the most trophies. To earn these trophies, you need to successfully destroy someone’s village or defend an attack from an online player to gain loot – elixir and gold. This is also how to climb the rankings as you are matched equally with players locally and internationally or of a higher ranking.


To reach the Champion class, you’ll have to start at the bottom – building your village, training your army and mining gold and elixir underground to upgrade your village, army and defenses. Also, gems can be found by removing trees, bushes, mushroom patches and rocks that are hidden with EXP (experience). During this time, you are able to plan out the best strategies to defend and offend your village.

So, why all the hate?

Referring back to the conversation I had with a “certain someone”, he hates Clash simply because it’s stupid. Another reason is because most gamers don’t consider mobile gaming as a type of gaming. It’s like the relationship between Team Rocket and Wobbuffet – they simply hate the Pokémon. 


Researching for this article has directed me to Reddit forums where people profusely express their hate for Clash using language I’m familiar with. As insanely interesting it is to read this, there is some truth to it.

For instance, once you’ve reached Town Hall Level 9, upgrades do tend to take much longer to complete and while you’re upgrading, clans with a much higher ranking can easily raid your village, taking everything while leaving destruction in their path. So, all that upgrading had been for nothing.

However, I’m not letting LoL off the hook just yet…

As much as gamers hate Clash, they also equally express their disdain for LoL too. And its reasons are sorely based that its difficulty isnt the same. Gamers want a game that challenges them and that game happens to be DotA 2.

Most players have preferred DotA 2 over LoL mainly over their business model. Many have found that LoL is incredibly easy to play and it’s the reason why many players have reverted to DotA as they seek a challenge.

Also, another reason why is that the LoL community has shown to be quite toxic over the years. Also, many of its players have complained to LoL developers, Riot Games, as it drifted away from what players expect from the game. In other words, they want the game to have a similar feel to that of Minecraft, a popular sandbox game.

Well, whatever the beef may be, both games still have one if the best followings I’ve ever seen and no matter may happen in the near future, both games deserve my respect and hopefully, I can start LoLing once I’m done with Pokémon GO.

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