Aysha Bangie’s dream of participating in a pageant manifested into her reality when she was selected as a continental finalist in the Ms Africa Pageant 2017. Having heard about a pageant that she resonated with, she took the plunge and entered. And voila, she made the final selection!

We chat to Bangie about her journey, successes, and epiphanies…

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself…

A: I was born and raised in Lenasia, in the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg. As a child, my love for and connection to mother nature always took me outdoors and I spent most of my time in the garden or out in our beautiful park just down the road.

I have a very inquiring mind and would ask tons of questions. I remember one question that my mom still reminds me about, is “how come we have to walk everywhere when everyone else has a car?”

Although I am 42 years old, I still believe age is just a number, as you are only as old as you feel. I believe in living in the moment and do whatever I can today, as life is too short to procrastinate. I have a Master’s Degree in Project and Programme Management and am also keen on developing my personal self and currently am qualified as a Reiki Master and Crystal Healing Practitioner. I plan to further my personal development through other platforms, as I believe that we never stop learning and growing.

I always aspire to be the change I want to see in myself first before I can change the world and it all starts with the self. In 2016, I launched my first book called ‘#Its All About Selfies’ which focuses on personal development, helping them to unleash their unlimited potential and to believe in themselves.

Q. What made you decide to enter the Ms Africa pageant and how do you feel about being a finalist?

A: The Ms Africa Pageant’s mission is to give dignity back to the people, and assist in any way possible in their local communities and on the African Continent. The reason why I entered the pageant is that I am inspired by the spirit of giving. This pageant is about philanthropy, which resonates with my core values of giving, uplifting, inspiring and motivating.

The entrance process to enter the Pageant was very simple, just an online entry form with a few clicks and questions and photos. However, the criteria that are used in the selection of finalists is done by the judges of the pageant themselves.

The feeling of being a finalist is very empowering due to the magnitude of this platform covering the entire continent of Africa. This will help to communicate and appeal to people on broader platforms of societies and communities to help make that positive change.

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception about being a pageant finalist?

A: The stereotype of the typical beauty queen is broken. There are a lot of duties and responsibilities that need to be performed. It’s not as glamorous as it seems from the outside in. The learning and growing process are phenomenal!

Q: What do you hope to be able to achieve using the platform of the pageant?

A: To bring about Social, Cultural and Spiritual Consciousness. To pursue my passion for uplifting people and communities taking it further than just South Africa. To me, we are all ONE, so the more people we can help, it does not matter where, I hope to be able to make a bigger difference in the world!

Q: What’s the most surprisingly challenging aspect of being in a pageant? 

A: I haven’t experienced any major challenges as yet. However, learning to balance time between career, family and the pageant requirements is something that I am learning to do quickly. I am loving the journey at the moment.

Q: How do you find time to have a full-time job and still be able to compete?

A: My motto is about finding the perfect balance, and that is through managing my time very effectively. Don’t work hard, work smart, to ensure that there is a balance in everything that I do. As I have said in the previous question, I am learning very quickly.

Q: What do you do when nothing goes your way?

A: I take a step back, reflect and then do it differently

About the Africa Pageants Foundation:

The Africa Pageants Foundation supports the Nzuri Project in Africa. This project will see surgical procedures being carried out on women living with Endemic Goiter or Fistula Conditions. Nzuri means “beautiful” in Swahili and the aim here is to reach and treat women in the most remote and war-ridden areas who have to live with these two horrifying conditions.

Each finalist and title holders are encouraged to make a difference in their communities and support their local charity organization. Dignity Dreams, a non-profit organization that manufactures and distributes washable, re-usable feminine sanitary wear to underprivileged girls and women and DeskBags who manufactures and distributes a school bag that doubles up as a lap desk are the preferred charity organisations in South Africa.

The prestigious final pageant week and gala event is set to take place 29 October – 5 November 2017 in South Africa. Africa Pageants wants to emphasize the splendor of African landmarks through their brand and magnificent title holders. Their women shine globally while they showcase the splendor of our beautiful African continent to the world.

Aysha strives to become the perfect role model for the future generation and the world, showcasing our magnificent continent with our deeply entrenched and beautiful African culture and heritage.

Aysha is on her journey as she joins an African Sisterhood whose legacies last longer than their year of reign and their positive impact on the continent a lifetime.

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