With most cafes still being closed due to the lockdown creative home cooks are now making pancake cereal for breakfast.

The latest food craze has taken over Instagram and TikTok with many savvy amateur cooks sharing their own creations on both platforms.

It’s difficult to determine where the original idea originated, but on TikTok a number of videos have been shared demonstrating how to make the pancake cereal – one video has also exceeding more than a million views. 

Rather than making multiple large pancakes, the process consists of cooking multiple tiny pancake droplets.

Picture sourced from Instagram: @bparkss_

The recipe itself includes the same ingredients as a regular pancake recipe, but the method varies.

In most social media videos the pancake batter is poured into a squeeze bottle with a nozzle on top.

The bottle controls how much batter is poured into a hot pan at one given time and allows the pancake sizes to remain consistent and small – about the size of a 20 cent piece.

Image sourced from Instagram: @foodideasdaily

Social media users have shared their own creations online, with many adding m&m chocolate into the batter or later topping the pancake cereal with fruit.

Musician Jason Derulo made his own bowl of pancake cereal on his TikTok and it looked delicious. 

Others simply stuck to the classic maple syrup topping – which always goes well with pancakes.



♬ The Cuppycake Song – Buddy Castle

So try it out and enjoy!

*Cover photo sourced from Instagram @the_lazyfoodie