CAPE TOWN – Yesterday’s Apple Live Event had many tuned in and glued to their screens as they wait in anticipation for Apple’s big reveal.

On the back of last month’s Live Event, in which Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced to the world the iPhone 7, this month’s event was anything but stale. Cook delivered his keynote address at the top of the event, discussing what Apple has been cooking up and gave an update on the mass reception of the iPhone 7 and iOS 10.

On the 25th anniversary of Apple’s first PowerBook, Apple introduced the thinnest, lightest and certainly powerful MacBook to date. The MacBook Pro has improved some its features which includes a faster graphics performance, a brighter display and a banging set of speakers.


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With this version of the Pro, the Force Bar trackpad is now double its size and more responsive, the keyboard has also been updated and its clean, uniformed look comes with four Thunderbolt ports, which aren’t your normal USB ports. The difference, well, you would require an adapter if you want to connect the standard USB with the MacBook’s USB-C.

Noticeably missing from the MacBook is the SD card reader, which together with the ports, did raise problems which spilled onto social media, stating that it will create “dongle hell” according to one media outlet. And rightfully so that they had a good reason to be disappointed.

The same media outlet reported that yes, we may have to get an adapter to connect the MacBook Pro with other Apple devices, it found that it better connects with Android devices than Apple devices as most Android devices come standard with USB-C cables

…oh and it still has the standard headphone jack, that was removed from the iPhone 7.

Aside from the drama played out on social media, the Touch Bar was introduced at the event, as Apple done away with its mini retina display. The Touch Bar simply allows users to interact with software programs with a simple touch and it adjusts with every function. Also new to the Mac is the TouchID function which connects to Apple Pay, making payments much easier

Another product that was presented at the event was the new TV app for Apple TV. Although users won’t be able to use streaming services Netflix and Amazon Video on the app (Netflix will still feature on Apple TV), the app compiles recommended shows from various streaming services onto one app.

After the event concluded, Apple has pulled every 11-inch MacBook Air from its online stores. #RIPMacBookAir

With prices ranging from $1499 for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, $1799 for the same version with Touch Bar and $2399 for the 15-inch Mac, it is now available for pre-order as shipping for the 13-inch began yesterday.

NOTE: The pricing for the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro isn’t available in South Africa, but do keep your eye out on our social media pages for updates.

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