CAPE TOWN – As of today (October 19, 2016) South African Airways is prohibiting passengers from carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on its planes “on their persons, in carry-on baggage, in checked in baggage or as cargo”.

Samsung announced a recall of the smartphone in early September after a number of incidents where a battery defect caused overheating that resulted in fires and explosions.

SAA said in a statement that the decision to prohibit the device had been taken “based on safety considerations in the interests of passengers, crew and property”.

It added that subsequent to Samsung’s announcement that it was recalling the Galaxy Note 7 regulators in various jurisdictions had announced bans on air transportation of the device.

“The announcement by the regulators obligates SAA as an airline to implement and comply with such a ban. SAA is enjoined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) general provisions on safety to take steps to ensure safety of its operations as and when goods and/or products have not met safety requirements.”

IATA’s stated that Lithium batteries that have been recalled by the manufacturer for safety reasons must not be shipped by air. The Galaxy Note 7 is powered by lithium batteries and has since been recalled by the manufacturer.

SAA apologised in advance to customers for any inconvenience this decision may cause and warned that this might include “confiscation of the devices and/or fines being imposed against the passengers concerned”.

– African News Agency

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