Formerly known Skwizas actress, Puleng Molebatsi presents and produces a current affairs show called the albinism report on channel Africa. The show focuses on all the issues that affect people with albinism; the aim is to shift the negative perception of albinism and introduce an enlightened narrative. 

The TV personality, who spoke on behalf of the albinism community during an interview at the 2018 Breaking Down Borders Africa Youth Summit did not mince her words as she spoke of the prejudice they face.

She made reference to Katy Perry’s music video ET in which model with albinism, Shaun Ross was cast in the lead role.

“Her song is about the love she has for a man who is in outer space. Ross in that music video doesn’t have make-up, he has no costume on but everyone else is dressed in costumes that make them look like aliens but Ross happens to be the man she’s looking for.

“People with albinism have been in movies, music videos, dramas, theatre plays; something other than human; they’ve always been supernatural, witches and aliens,” she added.

People with Albinism frequently endure societal discrimination, even ostracism, due to their difference in appearance. It is apparent that the myths surrounding albinism often lead to serious harm, sometimes death. In South Africa, about one in 4 000 people are estimated to be born with albinism, compared with about one in 20 000 worldwide, according to the Albinism Society of South Africa (ASSA).

Infographic by TYI

“We have the energy and we have the opportunity to make a difference as young people. What we need to do is identify an area that as individuals, and as a collective we can play to influence change and usher in a better society,” Molebatsi said. 

Molebatsi’s show also profiles success stories of people with albinism who have made it against the odds. It further highlights the need to develop a holistic concept of rights for people with albinism, which sees human rights as indivisible. 

It also explores forward-looking solutions and highlights specific interventions in which the lives of people with albinism could be improved, by influencing a shift in attitude and action to address discrimination. 

Molebatsi holds an honours in BA Dramatic Arts from Wits University. In 2017 she was awarded an honorary SAFTA award for the strides she has made in the media industry as a person with albinism.

As an accomplished and well-known actress, Molebatsi uses every available opportunity to advocate for equal rights and equal opportunities for people with albinism, women, youth and people living with disabilities. It is Molebatsi’s conviction that lead to valuable seminars that engage the media on its role in protecting the rights of people with albinism.