Entrepreneur Theo Baloyi (28) wants to tell a proudly South African township story through his successful sneaker brand, Bathu. 

It was was officially registered and trademarked in 2015, offering products that include uniquely designed sneakers, loafers and apparel.
Baloyi identified a niche in the retail business to conceptualise and establish a shoe brand with a deep sense of meaning in black society and to tell this beautiful untold story to the world. 

The founder and chief executive of Bathu stated that the brand was driven by passion to design unique shoes and a desire to always introduce exciting new products to the market. “Four hours after launching the brand, our website crashed because of traffic. People were curious about this brand and what it represents,” said Baloyi.

He hails from Phake near Hammanskraal and resigned from his job in January this year to give Bathu his undivided attention. Baloyi plans to establish it as a brand which Africans can proudly identify with.

He insists that Bathu’s sneakers are unique because of their attractive mesh edition design, which enables ventilation. The company delivers across South Africa and in neighbouring countries including Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia.

“Three months ago we offloaded a 14-ton truck and we moved to a bigger warehouse with more security and insurance,” he said proudly.