CEO and founder of Clinton Group, Vukile Mchunu, decided enough is enough, and led the charge to amplify men’s issues and stories through his brainchild “Ndoda Talk”.

Ndoda Talk is a platform created for men to improve their image and transform them into the best versions of themselves. “I want to encourage men to be vocal about lasting solutions to the economic and political challenges of contemporary times.” 

Mchunu believes that through community engagement, poverty can be effectively tackled. 

Infographic by TYI

“My greatest achievement will be measured by the leaders I create, not the followers I maintain,” Mchunu says passionately.

Mchunu has also created a movement called ‘Growth 90’, a platform for motivational speakers to visit schools and inspire youth excellence. When he decided to walk out of the corporate world to start his businesses, all the odds were stacked against the disruptor.

Although funding was a challenge, his hard work, tenacity and indomitable spirit saw him through. Mchunu is adamant that there are no set formulas for success and advises young people to be passionate about what they want.

“The secret is to identify something that you are passionate about. Something that will make a positive change in your community or immediate environment,” he concludes.