Distruction Boyz are the new kids on the block.

The musical duo, Quinton “Que” Mgobhozi and Zipho “Goldmax” Mthembu, burst onto the music scene last year following the release of their banger “Omunye”, which was followed by their debut album in October, “Gqom Is The Future”.

To say that the first album went viral is an understatement. The dizzyingly hypnotic, house-inflected lead single rocketed straight to the top of SA’s charts while simultaneously inspiring a flock of viral videos and memes of South Africans moving to its infectious beat.  

The Gqom kings were born in KwaMashu, the second biggest township in Durban. The two members established themselves by jamming to their very own gqom and house sets at local taverns and shisanyama’s in and around KwaMashu.

“My parents weren’t too happy about me wanting to do music because they are academics but I did what they wanted of me and finished school and now they don’t mind what I do. It’s not so bad now but we also used to get a lot of questions when we started out…It was only after we started making music for other artists that things got easier,” Mgobhozi admitted.

Their undefeated spirit paid off as their debut album was certified gold by RISA, making it the first Gqom album to achieve this status.

“I’ve noticed that when you get a little bit popular, people start to see you as different and not like them. It’s weird because we just make music and have fun, that’s our job. But we still go through what a lot of people our age go through. We appreciate all the love, and now it’s just taking it day by day,” Mthembu said.