Apart from being the legislative capital and the second-most populous urban area of South Africa, Cape Town is also the oldest city with a rich cultural and historical significance in South African history. Cape Town is synonymous with art, creativity and adventure. The burgeoning industry of Arts and Crafts is a testimony to Cape Town’s creative pulse.

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The best place to experience and purchase awesome Arts and Crafts in Cape Town is at Green Market Square. Green Market Square is one of Cape Town’s oldest markets, nestled between Short and long Market Streets.

Created in 1696, Greenmarket Square is the second oldest public site in Cape Town (after the Grand Parade). The square was built in 1696, when a burgher watch house was erected. Over the years, the square has served as a slave market, a vegetable market, a parking lot and more recently, a flea market trading mainly in African souvenirs and crafts.

All photography by Sharné Samuels & Kyara Schutter

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