Nonjabulo Zwane, the co-host on Gagasi FM’s breakfast show, The Uprising left listeners and the rest of the team in shock when she walked out of the studio saying ‘I am out’. 

Her departure happened after she had been recalling the story of Thembisile Yende – a female Eskom employee that was found dead in her office at a substation in Ekurhuleni in 2017. 

This morning I remember #ThembisileYende, the Eskom employee who was injected with something that rendered her unconscious, beaten to a pulp, raped and killed by her boyfriend and co-worker David Ngwenya who then hid her body IN HER OWN OFFICE AT WORK!!!

— uSisi Onebhesi (@NjabsZwane) September 5, 2019

In a live video feed on Facebook Zwane is seen explaining that she was tired of constantly having to look over her shoulder even at work. “I am tired, and I am tired of being sick and tired for myself and every other woman that wakes up not knowing whether they are going to return back from work,” she said.  

She added, “If KZN men want to continue living in a world with no women, if South African men want to live and continue in an environment where there is no women, it is fine. I am removing myself. I am out. I am done.”
Nonjabulo Zwane. Picture: Instagram 
Before she could walk out of the studio, newsreader Bright Ntuli took a moment to speak up as well. “You know what guys I don’t think you understand what we as women go through everyday, it becomes so difficult for us to things that are normal to you, going out, going jogging. You don’t think about those things but we do,” she said. 

Before walking out with Zwane, Ntuli said that if women can no longer go to the Post Office without being safe then what are we doing.    

GagasiFM ladies with bravery i Salute them #ImOut #Sesikhathele @gagasifm

— Mzamo Mthobisi KaMageba (@MzamoMthobisi_) September 5, 2019

Host of the show, Felix Hlophe was left in shock along with the rest of the team. 
News of the women’s walk out sent shock waves on social media with fellow women applauding the pair for being brave. Other presenters on the station also came out to say they would not be working today. 

So! @NjabsZwane started something today! Women are not safe around ANY MAN! Even at work! So @XolileSports and I will not be apart of @gagasifm ‘s Afternoon Drive Show @thedrivekzn #Sesikhathele

— Nomfundo Clarissa (@NomfundoCM) September 5, 2019

Not doing the news either I’m sorry KZN & @gagasifm but reading the statistics of how are sisters lives are being brutally taken away from them is depressing 😭😭😭 #sesikhathele

— MaMtolo🌺 (@miss_sanely) September 5, 2019

We can’t continue as if eveything is ok! #sesikhathele

— Bright Ntuli-Kunene (@brightntuli) September 5, 2019

I felt it. There is no way I am going to work today. If they won’t listen to us, they might as well not hear from us at all!!! #Sesikhathele

— DjLeSoul (@DjLeSoulSa) September 5, 2019

There were also calls for all women to join in and leave their places of work. 

If you are a woman at work today, any type of work… pack your stuff and go home where your safety is guaranteed until something has been done. We want solutions and guaranteed safety for women in the workplace and we want it now. I support you ♥️ #Sesikhathele

— The Conversationalist (@turfbester1) September 5, 2019

The female presenters at Gagasi just stormed out mid show. Women are tired bro. #Sesikhathele

— The Patriot 🇿🇦 (@Mackvocate) September 5, 2019

Women everywhere applauded the ladies;

I’m beaming with pride cause I know a lot of women who have accepted this as their lot in life #Sesikhathele

— Thokozani (@IamThokozanie) September 5, 2019

#Sesikhathele indeed. We’re tired of always having to plan our lives around whether we can go to a certain place at a certain time. We’re tired of constantly fearing for our lives. We can’t walk anywhere without being harassed or heckled. We’re honestly tired. 😔

— Raised in Africa. (@paballo_patsa) September 5, 2019

I share your tears and your pain.
I share your anxiety and anger.
I share your need to be set free from this horrible memory of this monster.

I stand besides you as your sister. I cry with you. I want you to heal, I want you to be free from all of this pain. #Sesikhathele 💔💔💔

— Somahhashi Omuhle (@NelisaMatomela) September 5, 2019

Im listening to #GagasiFM and im heartbroken #Sesikhathele enough is enough

— Lungeloxbubbles (@lungeloxbubbles) September 5, 2019

I literally wept when you spoke. Njabs I salute you sis.
Thank you for being a strong woman for all of us.
I love you sisi❤️🤗🤗

— Masbhene (@makaju_ju) September 5, 2019