Shay Mitchell calls her grey hairs “wisdom hairs”.

Debating doing this tonight instead of actually leaving the house… ?

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The 29-year-old actress – who is known for playing the role of Emily Fields in ‘Pretty Little Liars’ – has admitted to spotting a few discoloured strands of hair among her brunette tresses, but the star doesn’t seem fazed by them because she considers them a sign of knowledge instead of a sign of ageing.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her new discovery and her nickname for them, she said: “I call them wisdom hairs — more wisdom, great!

“I’ve definitely found a grey hair, probably like five of them.

“I am getting older. I am happy. You know what that means? I have more experiences. You can’t freak out about [grey hairs]. Plus if you don’t like it, then dye your hair — no problem.”

When pajamas double as your Sunday best ????

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Although the star has revealed she isn’t bothered about having grey hair, she has admitted she plucks them out whenever she finds one.

She explained: “Yeah, I definitely take them out. Put a collage [of them] next to my bed — no, I am kidding! I don’t do that, but yeah, I take them out.”

And Shay – who has recently been announced as the face of Smashbox Cosmetics – has revealed her must-have beauty product is coconut oil and to “have fun”.

Speaking about her essential item, she said: “That’s the secret to me, it’s super crucial. My mom was raised in the Philippines and that was her secret for beautiful hair, beautiful skin, that natural glow. So I like to use that in my hair and it really does work.

“My beauty philosophy is to have fun and not take it too seriously.”

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