We know what you’re thinking: jumpsuits make your bum look big, they’re a Seventies throwback, or, I am too old for a jumpsuit.

Wrong on all fronts. They may make your bum look big, but so will anything if it’s not cut right. They were around in the Seventies and Eighties, but you’re probably thinking of boiler suits (bulkier) or flying suits (covered in zips). And even if you’re not, the jumpsuit of the moment is a streamlined classic; flattering, chic and refreshed.

You are no more too old for a jumpsuit than you are too old for a matching shirt and trousers. And you are missing out.

Still not persuaded? Here are six convincing reasons to give a jumpsuit a go:

1. On those days when a dress feels too insubstantial and trousers and a jacket too stiff, a jumpsuit hits the spot.

2. Jumpsuits are not known as ‘all-in-ones’ for nothing. You step in, do them up, add shoes and you’re good to go.

3. They automatically make you look 25 per cent more put-together, precisely because you haven’t had to put anything together; no tops to go with jackets, no matching skirts, no tights; just one clean silhouette which you can spruce up or dress down as required.

Jumpsuits are the epitome of smart-casual dressing: casual in theory, but in practice, streamlined and almost impossible to look messy in.

4. They make you look longer and leaner. Not always — you have to pick the right one — but a tailored, block-coloured jumpsuit with a defined waist has the same figure-flattering potential as a Roland Mouret dress, while still allowing you to ride a bicycle, shin up a ladder or run for the bus.

5. When the weather warms up, they are cool because they don’t cling anywhere. The right style is fitted but not tight, which is why models wear them on the move (both Claudia Schiffer and Lara Stone were recently spotted wearing jumpsuits).

6. They’re different. Different as in you look very, definitely 2018.

Navy or indigo are the smart colours to choose from. You can wear a jumpsuit in these shades to the office or for going out at the weekend, and they’re easy to dress up.

For day you want one with a gathered-waist back, a plain or buttoned front (this is not a zip moment) and cropped legs (or you can roll them up).

When you’re picking your day jumpsuit, think Meghan Markle on an official engagement: simplicity is best. Add some heels, earrings, swoop up your hair and Bob’s your uncle. Go for red or sand if you want to ring the changes.

For evening, wider legs, prints, deeper necklines or bare shoulders are the answer.

One last word: some people have confused the issue by including dungarees in their definition of a jumpsuit. Dungarees (with the bib front) are entirely different and are hard to pull off. Otherwise, there is nothing in the world holding you back.


The waist on a jumpsuit is important. It should be cut on the lean side, but not tight.

Wear your jumpsuit with white sneakers or flat sandals in the day, swapping to gold sandals or high heels at night.

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To break up the block colour, unbutton to the waist and wear with a white vest or camisole.

Avoid Andy Pandy cuts: anything too voluminous or heavy or covered up. Roll up sleeves and trouser legs to lighten the effect.

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