Summer Style: Learn how to impress from Designer, Siya Beyile

The suns rays are dancing on your skin, the breeze is blowing through your hair and the birds are a- tweeting (and I don’t mean Twitter, I mean actual nature).

Whenever Summer comes around, it’s only a matter of days until you give into an anxiety attack. These attacks are due to you having concluded that you have nothing cool to wear for summer…

Don’t worry we’ve got you, as we present Designer, Siya Beyile’s guide on how to look like a Summer trendsetter everyday.

Here are top 5 tips from ‘inja ye game’Β himself:

1. Try and infuse at least one piece that represents your culture into your style

Essence Bloc Party outfit πŸ”‘ Shot by : @yoliswacele

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2. Don’t play it safe too much , try add some colour it’s summer.

3. Don’t overgenerate your style, keep simple and clean to set an impression.

“Believe in your flyness and conquer your shyness”- Kanye West ph : @aust_malema

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4. Always smell Good!! It enhances your stylish look.


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5. Accessories are key. They add personality to your outfit!

Too Valuable, cannot waste it πŸ™πŸΎ

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1. Inja ye game – Top Dog

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