LOS ANGELES — On this Golden Globes day, some nominees will be sleeping in, a few will be hanging with their moms, and one will be partying like it’s 1975.

A rough estimate of about 100 nominees made at least brief appearances Saturday at the annual BAFTA Tea Party, an afternoon-before tradition hosted by the Los Angeles chapter of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts at The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills.

This year’s attendees include principals from such nominated favorites as the movie musical “La La Land” (leads Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and director Damien Chazelle), the French-language big-screen thriller “Elle” (star Isabelle Huppert, director Paul Verhoeven) and the TV-dramedy smash “This is Us,” including ensemble members Justin Hartley and nominee Chrissy Metz, the latter saying she’d be cranking tunes Globes morning.

“I’m obsessed right now with a band called The 1975,” Metz revealed, referring to the English pop-rock band. “And (I) just like chilling.”

Relatively speaking, Metz’s morning will be crazy compared to that of actor Riz Ahmed, nominated for his lead performance on HBO’s limited series, “The Night Of.”

“I’ll wake up then I’ll press ‘snooze,’” noted Ahmed, whose 2016 releases also included the “Star Wars” prequel “Rogue One,” as well as the films “Una” and “Jason Bourne.”

“And I do that (hit “snooze”) a few more times because I’m really bad with jet lag,” Ahmed continued. “And, before you know it, my publicist will be banging on my door saying, ‘Wake up and get dressed.’ And that’s usually how it goes.”

Nominee Naomie Harris also said she will try to catch a few extra Globe-morning winks, because she expected to be partying into the late night Saturday. But the “Moonlight” actress added she’s looking forward to her makeup and hair team coming over Sunday morning, as they make her laugh. “This is such a special moment,” Harris said. “My mom is my date. It can’t be more special than that.”

Contender Joel Edgerton (“Loving”) played hard to get when asked how his Globes day was going to go down.
“Ah, man. You really don’t want to know,” he replied, smiling.

“To be honest, like, there’s stuff I could tell you that would really deflate the general population: probably like therapy. Yeah, like deep therapy.”

But, seriously, Joel.

“My brother is arriving in town we’re going to hang out have some breakfast and then we’re going to put on tuxedos and try and be cool. And then, the next time: therapy,” he joked.

The 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards is set to take place Sunday, Jan. 8 in Beverly Hills, California.

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