Dog owners can now add fun filters to their pup’s snaps, too.

Months after launching face lenses designed for cats, Snapchat has expanded the tool to include dogs.

This means you can now use the pet-friendly lenses, which have a small blue paw-print in the corner, to overlay everything from over-sized glasses to a pizza pie on your dog’s face.

Snapchat’s cat lenses were met with enthusiasm across social media when they first launched this fall.

But, dog owners were left wondering when they’d be able to get in on the fun.

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The latest update means a slew of Snapchat’s lenses will finally work on dogs’ faces, too.

These lenses appear in the carousel alongside all of the regular options, but are marked with a blue paw-print.

Once you open the filter up, you’ll be prompted: ‘Try with a cat or dog.’

Some of the lenses give you and your pet matching accessories, such as glasses, while others coordinate the two looks; the pizza lens, for example, will put your dog’s face at the center of a pizza pie and give the human a set of pepperoni-spotted ears. 

Snapchat rolled out the cat-specific version of the tool back in October, and even briefly changed its logo to a ‘ghost cat’ to mark the occasion.

‘Lenses. For cool cats and their cool cats. Try them meow,’ the firm announced at the time.

The feature initially launched with just three lenses, but has since expanded to include several more.

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-Daily Mail