Amy Adams, Tom Hanks and Aaron Taylor-Johnson were notably absent from this year’s Oscars nominations.

The flame-haired beauty missed out on a nod for her lead role in ‘Arrival’ whilst Hanks’ critically-acclaimed performance as Captain ‘Sully’ Sullenberger – the pilot who managed to land his plane on the Hudson River in 2009 – didn’t receive a nomination.

Taylor-Johnson – who recently won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his ‘Nocturnal Animals’ role – failed to receive a nod as the Academy Award nominations were unveiled on Tuesday (24.01.17).

‘Finding Dory’ – which stars Ellen DeGeneres in the titular role – and Dreamwork’s ‘Trolls’ both missed out on a nod in the Best Animated Feature category.

And it was bittersweet news for ‘Arrival’s director Denis Villeneuve on hearing Adams hadn’t received a nomination as he was also celebrating the film’s eight nods including one for Best Picture and Best Director.

Speaking from an Oscars party full of pancakes, champagne and coffee, which he held for the film’s cast and crew, he told Entertainment Weekly: “I’m still digesting the news. I’m going between coffee and champagne – that is where I am right now.

“But this is the big disappointment [that Amy wasn’t nominated]. I’m deeply disappointed for Amy. She was the soul of this movie. For me, it was a given! She had the movie on her shoulders, she’s the one who made it happen. It’s a strange feeling to celebrate and feel sad at the same time.”

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