Spotify is allowing couples who live in the same household to share a premium plan for a lower monthly price with a new feature. 

The new plan, called ‘Premium Duo’ will cost $12.99 (R220) per month and can be shared by two people living in the same location while also maintaining their individual accounts. 

A merged plan would be a significant monthly cost-savings for two people paying the standard premium fee of $10 (R170) per month.

In addition to being a cost savings for both subscribers, Premium Duo would also offer exclusive features like a ‘Duo MIx’ which curates a playlist for both users based on their music choices.


Users also have the ability to choose what type of Duo playlist they want to listen to, whether it be something relaxed or more upbeat.

The new plan option will add to a growing list of arrangements from the music-streaming giant which allow plans for people in varying stages of life.

Spotify already offers a Family Plan which is $2 (R34) more than the Duo plan and allows up to six separate accounts. 

As noted by The Verge, recurring subscription revenue is particularly important for Spotify during the COVID-19 pandemic since advertising revenue has started to crater while businesses tighten their budgets. 

Picture: Pexels

Spotify also recently expanded a new ‘Kids’ app aimed at three- to 12-year-olds and offers access to 8,000 curated songs and stories, each of which is cleared as being devoid of anything inappropriate for children.

The new app is available on iPhone and Android but only for people with a Spotify Premium Family subscription and the company is describing it as a ‘playground of sound for young listeners’.