SUITS star Meghan Markle is the image of the beautiful bride in a trailer of the drama. But will she marry berk Prince Harry, 32, in real life?

In a flashback image of Meghan’s character, Rachel Zane, a trailer for the legal drama series shows her uitgevat in a white wedding rokkie.

And the cheeky trailer makers didn’t mind cashing in on Meghan’s royal connection, with the tagline: “They’re. Almost. Royalty” in the brief clip.

The actress in the wedding dress appears immediately afterwards.

It’s not a new storyline, however: the flash of Meghan’s character’s wedding day is from the season five finale, where Rachel is dumped at the altar.

There’s no indication an actual royal wedding between Meghan and Harry is on the cards, although they have been spending plenty of time together lately.

It’s believed they’ve been dating for about eight months; she was spotted in London just before Christmas, while Harry apparently flew to Toronto for a recent visit.

Reports suggest Meghan was introduced to Harry’s sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, and his niece, Princess Charlotte, at Kensington Palace.

“Kate was really looking forward to meeting Meghan and she knew how important it was to Harry,” a source reportedly told The Sun.

“They are very close and he really values her opinion on girlfriends. Obviously Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, died when he was very young so Kate really fulfils that older sister/maternal role.”

Meghan is said to have previously met Harry’s brother, Prince William.

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