South Africa made it onto the top 10 of a recent survey that ranked the top 50 sexiest nationalities. 

Ukrainian took the number one spot in the survey. 

The people of Ukraine, the birthplace of actress Mila Kunis, top a ranking of 50 nationalities, with Danish and Filipino coming second and third.

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At the other end of the ranking is Irish, in the fiftieth position, and American ranking 45th.

The survey was carried out by Big 7 Travel, which quizzed a sample – 8,500 respondents – of its 1.5 million social media users about the world’s sexiest people.

Those taking part were given no specifications of the term ‘sexy’, so the interpretation of the word was up to them.

Coming fourth in the ranking is Brazil, the home country of supermodels Adriana Lima and Gisele Bündchen.

Adriana Lima (c) Instagram

Australia is in fifth place followed by Charlize Theron’s home country, South Africa in sixth and Italy in seventh.

The rest of the top 10 is made up of Armenia (eighth), England (ninth) and Canada (tentth).

Scotland comes in at 38th in the ranking while Wales is in 41st place.

Other countries in lowly positions are Norway (46th), Slovenia (47th), Belgium (48th) and Croatia (49th).

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Here is the Top 50 list of the sexiest nationalities; 

1. Ukrainian

2. Danish

3. Filipino

4. Brazilian


6. South African

7. Italian

8. Armenian

9. English

10. Canadian

11. Costa Rican

12. French

13. Dutch

14. Kenya

15. Barbadian

16. Spanish

17. Bulgarian

18. Czech

19. Japanese

20. Hungarian

21. Finnish

22. Colombian

23. New Zealand

24. Mexican

25. Malaysian

26. Iranian

27. Polish

28. Indian

29. Nigerian

30. Israeli

31. Chinese

32. Lithuanian

33. Russian

34. Argentinian

35. Moroccan

36. Thai

37. Egyptian

38. Scottish

39. Swedish

40. Tunisian

41. Welsh

42. Pakistani

43. Lebanese

44. German

45. American

46. Norwegian

47. Slovenian

48. Belgian

49. Croatian

50. Irish

-Daily mail