Technology company 4Sight AccTech has launched a cloud-based app to enable organisations of all sizes to monitor employees, contractors and visitors in relation to Covid-19 both at work premises or remotely.

The app will help organisations comply with government regulations for Covid-19 at the workplace, said Willie Ackerman, chief sales and marketing officer at 4Sight.

“The Covid19 4Health app creates an automated, comprehensive screening and attendance system that can be implemented within 24 hours,” he said in a statement.

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“It allows for the capturing of health information from all visitors and remote workers, with full associated workflows and management reporting. The aim is to prevent any potentially infected people from entering the workplace, and to monitor the ongoing health of employees.”

4Sight AccTech managing director Morné Swanepoel said the app was developed in under 10 days using the company’s in-house workflow automation software to provide organisations with an easy-to-use yet robust compliance tool.

Its workflow is based on two scenarios; one to monitor the health of employees, contractors or visitors seeking to enter company premises, and another for employees working remotely to log their health details. 

The data is captured once on any device with Internet access via a simple interface, thus supporting data quality and reducing inaccuracies. Once the information is captured, the app automatically triggers a workflow of remedial actions if required, delivered to the appropriate manager in real time.

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The app integrates into organisations’ human resources systems so that the health information is automatically updated on employee records. 

Swanepoel said 4Sight AccTech was already working to introduce a mobile app with location tracking and real-time integration with industry-standard temperature scanners.