We cannot deny the fact that make-up is highly popular and people all around the world are looking for new ways to apply make up and look completely flawless.

Recently, we have been seeing a couple of celebrities who choose to share photos without make-up and they look flawless and beautiful in their natural state.

Alicia Keys shook the entertainment industry and had everyone talking when she arrived at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in August 2016 wearing no make-up. The decision had been a long coming one, in a few broadcasted interviews she said the decision came after she realised that she got sick of trying to be ‘perfect’ and when she noticed her insecurities had affected her music.

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If you have been considering going make-up free, whether for a day or two to give your face a breather, here are the benefits of letting your skin breath:

1. You have more time.

Think about it. The amount of time you spend in front of the mirror? A majority of women spend at least 20 minutes or more preparing for the day, every morning.

2. You’ll save lots of money

If we are really honest with ourselves, many women love make-up and spend more that they need to on buying the very best brands that they can.

Sometimes it’s way above what we can even afford, so truth be told, taking a break from everyday make-up will leave you with extra cash.

3.Your skin will be breathe

Sad truth is that the make-up you are using to hide blemishes and imperfections on your skin is the very reason that it is causing them in the first place.

So allowing your skin to breath will allow you to observe you skin carefully and make necessary adjustments.

4. No more stains on your clothes

You can invest a fortune on make-up and buy the best brands but your make-up will leave marks on your white garments.

So now, you can wear your make-up without worrying about stains.

5. You can fall asleep wherever you want to

If you are one of those people who dread washing off your make-up after a long day then this you will love! Imagine just sleeping without worrying about messing your pillows or waking up with dry skin the following day.

For a little encouragement, here are some of our celebrities who are not shy to post selfies without make-up on social media:

Me and my makeupless face will be on Metrofm in a few… do tune in if you can ????

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????? #JamboZanzibar #Workcation #BTS?? #NoFilterJustGod #OwnYourThrone?

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