Dating is all fun and games but mention wedding bells….


oooooh, this really freaks a lot of young people out…

The fear of the unknown – What will marriage be like?

Not to mention, the serious expectations that African communities have attached to weddings are the major factors that contribute to a lot of young people who prefer to (vat en sit).

When people describe weddings like describing a modern version of glitzy imprisonment (but this s just a commitment phobe talking). The ring substituting a pair of steel handcuffs.

It is important that we alter our mindsets. Instead of focusing on the price tags relating to the big day lets focus on the ‘Forever After’ instead.

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Of course, it’s scary! Marriage is the biggest commitment you’ll probably ever make in your lifetime.

It feels more like a wrong turn, if you have witnessed conflicted and loveless marriages…

Who else but our very own fleekiswa, the TV personality Ntando Duma (21) and her husband Dj Junior de Rocka that are the new kids on the block, disrupting all the boring marriage stereotypes.

They show us that young people can get married and still slay.

Marriage doesn’t mean it’s the end of slayage, but it’s only the beginning of a double impact slayage.

Two heads are better than one, slaying with your love it’s much more cooler than doing it alone.

Fleekiswa (Ntando Duma) and Dj Juniour de Rocka are the ultimate young married couples that will inspire you to want to put a ring on it:


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