There are different types of wine glasses out on the market. We are always puzzled with the question, which glass should I buy?

You need a set of glassware that works for your day-to-day needs, rather than necessarily needing the right glass for every single type of wine. 

Discover what glassware fits your wine drinking habits and what the best options are to build a proper wine glass set.

Check out this cool chart on the different types of wine glasses. Identify the different styles so that you can better decide what to buy based on your needs.

Red wine glasses are bigger, while glasses meant for white wine are usually smaller.

And that’s about as far as most people’s knowledge on proper drinking ware goes.

Interesting things you didn’t know about wine glasses to make sure that you are enjoying that bottle to its fullest:

A good wineglass should be round, funnel-shaped and made of thin glass. The rounded form helps concentrate the fragrances so that the wine’s particular flavours are easier to distinguish, explains Ernst Buescher of the German Wine Institute.


Most people automatically purse their lips when drinking from a vessel made of thin glass, which allows the wine to flow over the entire tongue and its scent to drift back into the nose through the throat when the person eventually swallows.

Usually what you think you’re tasting with wine is actually its scent, says Buescher.


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