If you’re looking for something dark and interesting that will keep you glued to your screen with the numerous twists and turns then look no further. 

It is always a challenge to find something decent to watch nowadays, it always helps though to know what others are watching. Below is a list of some crime thrillers you have to watch. 


(c) Jon Hall

The inimitable Sarah Lancashire plays Miriam, a well-meaning social worker who gets caught up in the mysterious disappearance of Kiri, a young girl about to be adopted.

Season 1, All4

How To Get Away With Murder

(c) Instagram

Shonda Rimes’ Emmy-winning series features an acclaimed performance from Viola Davis as Annalise, a criminal attorney who gets embroiled in a murder case. 

Seasons 1-3, Netflix

The Sinner

(c) USA Network

Instead of the classic ‘whodunnit?’, The Sinner is a creepy and puzzling story uncovering what led Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) to commit murder in broad daylight.

Season 1, Netflix 


(c) Anthony Platt

Follow Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) over the course of seven seasons as she navigates and foils global terror plots, corruption and international politics.

Seasons 1-6, Netflix; Season 7, Amazon Instant Video

Line of Duty

(c) Des Willie

Get your teeth stuck into four series of another Jed Mercurio hit — an exhilarating drama based around an anti-corruption police unit where no one can be trusted.

Seasons 1-3, Netflix; Season 4, Amazon Instant Video 5

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