With spring around the corner, you are probably going to be a little more motivated to get back into your fitness routine. 

Winter does have a tendency of making us a bit lazy so it is time to get back on track. 

Sneakers can get a little smelly if they are worn religiously without being washed but we have some tips to help you keep them fresh between washes. 


Clean feet are everything 

First things first, you need to make sure that your feet are clean. Whether you are wearing socks or not, it is just hygienic to ensure that your feet are clean when you’re wearing your kicks.  

According to health.com the bacteria on your feet just keep multiplying, so you need to be washing your feet in the shower to help combat the embarrassing odor. Be sure to wash thoroughly between your toes and when you are done make sure you dry your feet. 


Add a sprinkle of salt  

If you are too lazy to wash your shoes after wearing them for a few days straight, do not worry just add a bit of salt in the inside of each shoe. The salt will soak up all the moisture and odor.  

A bit of baking powder never heart anybody 

Baking powder is not just the go-to in the kitchen but also helps with getting the funky smell off of your kicks. Depending on you, you could either fill baking soda into the toes of old socks, tie them and then put it in your shoe as a reusable odor buster. Or you could sprinkle some baking powder into the shoe and keep it overnight then dump it out the next day.   


Did somebody say baby powder 

Who knew that baby powder was not just for babies huh? Well as a preventative method baby powder will keep both your feet and your shoes smelling like a newborn baby. 

Bring on the booze 

Rubbing or spraying a bit of booze in your kicks is said to help keep them odor-free and above that alcohol is a disinfectant. So dab some alcohol on the inside of your shoe and breathe easy. 


Sneaker LAB’s odor protector will do the things 

Sneaker LAB brings you an advanced biotech sneaker cleaning formula – dedicated to fighting odours – straight from the lab and into your fitness routine.

The Odor Protector prevents and puts an end to unwanted odours in your trainers, explains Sneaker LAB founder Jo Farah.