We are just over a month into the new year and some people are already approaching their body goals with ease.

If you feel like you’re one of those who is struggling to go to the gym and get into the habit of a healthy lifestyle then this comedian’s weight loss journey should inspire you!

Drop the laziness and reach towards your crumpled new year’s resolutions page, take a deep breath and envision that bikini body.

Recently Tumi took to Instagram and shared a photo of her weight journey over the years, where she is evidently making amazing progress.

The photo showed how much weight she has lost from 2014 right to 2016…

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Losing weight requires commitment and dedication and Tumi admitted that she didn’t have that in the previous years.

“Approaching my goal weight finally after a long haul the past 3 years. The previous years don’t count because I hadn’t yet made that all important decision to COMMIT,” she captioned her Instagram photo.

She jokingly added that she also wants to look younger, “…even me I want to look like a sweet 16 teeheehee!”

A year into her weight loss journey, Tumi shared her reason for losing weight with Destiny Magazine in 2015. Her initial intention was not to lose weight, but rather to live a healthier lifestyle.

After giving birth to her children Tumi admitted that that’s the biggest she has been, “the reason people thought I was so incredibly obese is that they didn’t realise that over the past five years they’ve been seeing me pregnant or post-baby. My three children came back to back and that’s the biggest I’ve been in my life,” she said in the magazine.

We all need a little bit of inspiration once in a while, it seems like Tumi is no different. She bought herself a smaller dress size with the hope of losing weight to rock it.

“Earlier this year I bought this dress and it didn’t fit! Looking at myself like “Self, is the hard work finally paying off?.” She captions the photo. Slay us Tumi!

It seems like Tumi is ticking off more things on her bucket list, thank her body goals, she has been touring with performances of her one-woman show “Tumi or Not Tumi” that has been sold out in most provinces.

Her next performance will at the Goliath Comedy Club in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, from 2 to 4 February 2017.

Recently she has also been announced as a co-host on a new variety show on SABC 2 called “Red Cake Not The Cooking Show” together with comedian Alan Committee on a show focusing on local celebrities playing traditional games before being interviewed by the hosts.

Keep it moving Tumi. We have our eyes on you.

Getting there. #berekamosadi #healthymosadi #2017mosadi

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