Presenter and business woman Bonang Matheba continues to make big moves with her latest being an interview on The Breakfast Club in New York City where she spoke about her life, the South African entertainment industry and loads more.  

Following her attendance at the “E! People’s Choice Awards” in Santa Monica, California, the Matheba headed over to New York where she had an open and honest conversation with DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God.

In the interview, Matheba spoke about the start of her media career on SABC1 and the road to becoming the businesswoman she is today.

She spoke about racial matters in South Africa particularly explaining how different Cape Town is to Johannesburg. 

Matheba also explained that South Africans unlike African Americans are a bit more reserved and humble, saying Ubuntu is very important to South Africans. 

The House of BNG owner also spoke about her awkward meeting with Charlamagne who was very impressed with the life Queen B lives. The two met during the Global Citizen Festival last year. 

When asked whether she is married, Matheba said no even though she was spotting a large ring on her finger which Dr Envy pointed out. Matheba explained though that the ring is only a stop nonsense. 

Furthermore, she spoke about why she is moving to the States and said that many Africans aspire to also make the American dream even when they made it in their home country. 

Charlamagne Tha God, Bonang Matheba and DJ Envy. Picture: Instagram

People took to Twitter to congratulate Queen B for her Interview;