Beauty Boois sees herself as a holistic healer who believes that healing doesn’t have to be one-dimensional and that health encompasses the well being of our minds, bodies, and souls. 

Her work involves offering health and wellness services in her community through her psychology private practice, teaching yoga and her mental health awareness campaigns. 

She graduated from the University of Namibia with an honours degree in Clinical Psychology and registered as a Psychological Counsellor with the Health Professions Council of Namibia in 2016. She started a private practice in 2017. 

Her work includes HIV/Aids counselling, career counselling, school guidance counselling, sports counselling, personality assessments, aptitude assessments, school readiness assessments, and interest assessments.

Through the practice, she has launched a project that promotes mental health awareness in the workplace as well as at schools and afterschool care centres.

Her ‘Mental Health Matters’ project spreads mental health awareness, offers free counselling services and runs social media campaigns about mental health and overall wellness issues.

At university she earned a scholarship from the Africa Yoga Project in Nairobi, Kenya where she qualified as a yoga teacher and has since started a yoga business that offers group yoga classes, yoga wellness retreats, meditation, and free yoga or mental health classes for people from low-income areas. 

She is currently expanding her Mental Health Matters project to schools and writing a Plant-Based Guidebook that encourages people to eat healthier for optimum holistic health. 

Personal trauma led to her needing healing herself, and she sought out that healing through various methods. That healing journey made it evident that others might have the same needs and that’s where her calling to engage in holistic healing work began. Her empathy compassion and genuine belief that we are all healers are what keep her on this path. 

Beauty’s ultimate vision is for healing tools and practices to be available to as many people as possible. She wants healing, health and wellness to be a personal priority for all, even on a national level. Healing should become a way of life, a popular topic and movement that propels us all to reach our fullest potential.

She imagines a world where everyone has access to those tools, where people can share their personal experiences and inspire others to heal and actively promote their own health and wellness through self-love and self-care. 

Beauty believes she is a free-spirit. Her principles and philosophies are versatile, but love, empathy kindness, compassion, self-love, self-care, community, and positive energy are at the core of the values to which she is committed. 


Her vision is to contribute towards the building of a Southern African as a community of countries who should support each other as a family – that means there’s no space for hurting each other, no space for hating each other, no room for xenophobia, no place for racism, no place for discrimination of any kind. 

There needs to be healing – healing of the self and healing of nations at large which then fosters a collective state of healing and wellbeing. 

She sees her role in that through mental health activism, awareness campaigns, social media campaigns and through her art. She wants to continue offering services and creative art that promote and highlight healing within and beyond her own country – to all areas of SADC.