Born and raised in the capital city of Eswatini, Mbabane, Simphiwe Simangele Dlamini (24) has always been a woman full of ambition. 

When life gave her lemons, having problems with her study permit, which led to her having to leave university, in South Africa, she did not wallow in despair, instead she made lemonade.  She started her own business and she is now a young serial entrepreneur. 

Simangele refused to let her guard down after she came back home from South Africa last year. Having been independent from childhood she started her own business, Luxehampers – making gift hampers. 

Be it a valentine’s hamper, a baby shower hamper, a charity hamper, holiday hampers, you name it, she does it. Although it is not a registered NGO, she is determined and strives to take her passion in business to the next level.

She attended Sisekelo High School in Eswatini and Business Studies was her favourite subject. 
“My interest in business started back when I was in high school. The phrase ‘passive income’ was once a popular phrase in the classroom,” she said. She further mentioned how such discussions about investments and making money work for one’s self would arise in class.

“The concept stuck with me all throughout high school such that I took Business Management as a course in university,” she said. She said her long-term plan was to always own businesses, although finding a job and working for someone was always and option, it just never came to fruition.

Simangele started Luxehampers in 2018, after making her mother the best gift, since she could not find the perfect one in stores. “The motivation behind this idea came about when I had to get my mother a present and I didn’t know what to get her. Luxehampers then came as a solution to that problem – to provide unique, homemade gifts for all occasions and for all types of people,” she said. 

Simangele makes gift hamper for individuals and corporates. The hampers move away from the traditional hampers that come with food, like rice, meat and sausages or getting snacks like chips, sweets, and general goods you can get at a local store. 
“Depending on what you want, I compile cute, creative items that go along with your theme and package it in baskets or gift boxes,” she stated.

For companies, she makes custom packages for their events, end-of-year gifts as well as appreciation gifts. For individuals she makes hampers for baby showers, birthdays, valentine’s day, personal use and any general occasion it is needed for. Prices at Luxehampers range about E300 to E900 per package, which also depends on the occasion and what may be a part of the package

As a young entrepreneur, Simangele faced a few challenges, that affected her business. 
“I think the most challenging thing about this line of work, is that, other than funds, Luxehampers is more seasonal,” she said.

This young entrepreneur is also hoping to obtain permanent contracts with more companies as they are soon to be her main target. She is also hoping to increase fraction, boost the company and gain popularity around the brand. 

“My long-term goal is to open a Luxehampers store in Mbabane CBD and franchise it,” she said, wishfully. 
“I also hope in the near future I will be providing gift hampers for larger companies, like hotels and other reputable companies that work with clients and to be able to provide this luxury service nation-wide,” she said.