Valentine’s Day is a memorable occasion that honors love and affection shown by the couples for each other. Even though some think its cheesy others still see he importance of showing some extra love on Valentines Day. 

Before you stress yourself out trying to get your partner the best gift, we have some unique ideas that will leave your partner swooning on Valentines Day. 


For your man:

Rotating Photo Frame:

If you have some fantastic photos of your boyfriend, then you can make a unique photo frame for him. It should be a rotating photo frame to represent his unforgettable memories of past events. 

You can also give suitable captions that resemble his personality. It will be an attractive keepsake on his side table. He would be happy to get such a fantastic gift from your end. It will always remind him about the memorable days of his past. 


A Mouthwatering Cake:

Without a delicious cake, you can’t even imagine the grand celebration. For your boyfriend, you can order a themed cake for valentine to give surprising moments of the day. Make sure to consider his passions and interests while preparing a beautiful cake for him. 

You can also delight him with his favorite flavored cake on this memorable event. Try to write a sweet message on the cake to put a big smile on his face.

E- Gift Cards for Him:

When you are in a big confusion of selecting a unique gift for your boyfriend, then you have to go with e-gift options. You can dedicate shopping vouchers by which he can purchase his favorite apparel and accessories. 

Make sure to select the range of different brands of his choice. When you prefer E-gift cards to delight your boyfriend, then you don’t need to worry about the size, color, and style. It is also an easy approach to give him joyous moments of the day.

Write A Love Letter:

Do you know the best way to pass your persistent feelings of love? A letter writing is an ideal approach to make your beloved boyfriend feel special on Valentine’s Day. You can write a letter, including a romantic message of love for him. The best idea is to share any experience of your togetherness through the letter. 

You can also dedicate a bunch of roses along with this romantic letter to your boyfriend. Another idea is to attach a joint photo of him with you inside the love letter. It will be a fantastic gift to touch his heart on this memorable occasion.

Grooming Kit for Him:

There is nothing more special than some useful gifts which you can dedicate to your boyfriend. You can find different grooming items like cufflinks, shaving essentials, face cream, and many more to show your concern towards him. 

You need to select some branded products of his choice to make him feel loved. It would be an ideal gift to win his heart. 


For the ladies: 

Personalized jewelry for her 

If you are looking for a timeless gift that she can wear for a long time than a personalized necklace is the best way to go. Personalized jewelry is the perfect gift to give to someone for a special occasion, event, or for no particular reason at all, making it the perfect choice for valentines day. 

Write the persons name in you own handwriting for the jeweler to imitate just to add an extra personal touch. 

Picture: Instagram @buttonit.designs

Scented candles 

Candles might sound basic but with loadshedding at an all time high in South Africa people are having more and more candle lit dinners making scented candles a great gift for valentines day. Add in a set of reed diffusers and some bath bombs and you have got yourself a nice bathroom grooming set. 

Satin pajamas

Everyone knows that girls love sleeping in style so a personalized sleeping kit will make the perfect gift this Valentines Day. Stay away from the colour red though because we are not trying to be too cheesy here, get neutral colours like white, nude shades, soft pinks or classic black. 

Polaroid camera   

The instant camera is a type of camera which uses self-developing film to create a chemically developed print shortly after taking the picture. Instagram has made these a popular accessory to create a 90’s inspired aesthetic so it will definitely work as a special Valentines Day gift. 


Bluetooth Earphones 

Nobody and I repeat, nobody wants to be using wired earphones anymore so gifting a loved one with a pair of wireless earphones will be a highly desired gift. They might get a bit pricey though as the Apple AirPods retail from R2600 but there are other more reasonably priced options like the JBL tune wireless in-ear headphones so shop around before settling on a pair.  

Even though it might be a tough task to find the best gift for your partner this Valentines Day but hopefully the tis we have given you will make the task a bit easier.