Netflix viewers were left spooked after watching the Unsolved Mysteries episode that was centred around UFO’s.  

The reboot of the popular documentary series focuses on creepy goings-on around the world, and it’s the fifth instalment that seems to have generated the most conversation.

It focuses on the Berkshire UFO sightings, which have remained a mystery since 1 September, 1969.

On that date, four families with no connection to each other claimed to have been picked up by a UFO and moved by a ray of light.

Unsolved Mysteries. Picture: Instagram

Thomas Reed, who was six, insists to this day that he and his family lost three hours of their lives while driving in their car.

Reed also claims he saw 14-year-old Melanie Kirchdorfer aboard the UFO. Kirchdorfer backs up his story, saying she had an “instant connection” with Reed when she saw him on the ship.

Meanwhile, Tommy Warner claims that he was also abducted on that same evening. His babysitter, Debbie, corroborates this story, saying that she saw him vanish into a bright ray of light after Warner told her he was being “advised” to leave by “God’s voice”.

The episode has left many viewers feeling on edge and claiming they will “never sleep again”.

Unsolved Mysteries. Picture: Instagram

Since the alleged “abductions”, the people involved have been intent on finding proof of alien life – so much so, that some of them drove members of their family, as well as work colleagues, away.

Reed, who refuses to use the word “abduction” when telling his story, now works closely with New Mexico’s International UFO Museum.

In 2015, the mystery was officially declared a “historical event” by The Great Barrington Historical Society.

People took to Twitter after watching the episode: 

Fans of the original Unsolved Mysteries were happy to see the show’s former narrator, the actor Robert Stack, immortalised in the reboot’s title sequence.

You can watch the full series on Netflix. 

*Article adapted from Independent