If your flirting techniques feel a bit rusty after months on end of lockdown, an influencer who specialises in ‘confidence and femininity’ tips has shared her best body language tricks to instantly appear more attractive.

TikTok user patricia.cnr, who divides her time between New York and San Francisco, shared four tips that ‘turn men on’, including touching your shoulder and revealing your neck when ordering food.

The first trick Patricia shares is to ‘use your hips’ and swing them as you’re walking, followed by positioning your body into an ‘S’ shape when standing to draw attention to your shape.


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She demonstrates the shape by putting one of her legs in front and leaning her body in that direction.

Patricia then demonstrates how ‘not to sit’ as she crosses her legs and slouches, clutching her hands around her top knee.

She said to ‘avoid closing your body into a shyly shrinked rectangle’, but to take up space.

She sits on the chair with her legs closed in front of her and her hands on her knees before elongating her legs to the side and putting on leg over the other, as they form a straight line.

She then leans to the side and says to ‘show your curves’ and ‘relax’.

For the fourth body language tip, Patricia waves her fingers as she holds the menu in the other hand.

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She then touches her shoulder with her free hand, and tilting her head to one side to elongate her neck, while her fingers draw attention.

The video has had more than 7.9 million views, racking up more than 1.7 million likes and 11,600 comments.

One user said: ‘I find this super helpful just for being confident around people! I feel so uncomfortable in many situations and my body language is so stiff!’

Another wrote: ‘Body language is so important!’

A third commented: ‘Such good tips for feeling more confident’

Another TikTok user added: ‘These are actually so helpful thank you!’

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Even with all the positive feedback there was a user that was not impressed though writing, ”It’s 2021… why are we still trying to impress men?”