Cape Town – A Cape Flats teenager, who made headlines for making a bullying video and a sex tape, has now become the object of a minstrel moppie (satirical song).

The minstrel song was created by Mitchells Plain entertainer Wasief Piekaan and on Saturday he performed it at an event at Athlone Stadium.

Piekaan, who is part of the Juvie Boys troupe, wore a wig, black tights and grey T-shirt to resemble the 16-year-old on the bullying video.

The song, sung to the tune of Aretha Franklin’s Say a Little Prayer, starts: “From the moment she wakes up, before she puts on her make-up, [girls’ name] wants to bully you.

“While combing her hair now and wondering what dress to wear now, [girl’s name] wants to bully you.”

The chorus goes: “My eyebrows on fleek now, yours are not, my hair is blowing lekker ‘cause I’m so hot, my cousin is a lawyer, don’t try your tricks, don’t get me started on my granny, she’s 36!

“Listen, you’ve got to learn, respect is something you have to earn. To bully’s not the way to go. So we say no to your video.”

In the foul-mouthed video, the girl, who cannot be named as she is a minor, threatens to escort another schoolgirl to her grave.

The second video, which emerged two weeks ago, involves a teenage couple having sex while the teen girl is next to them filming on the bed.

The Department of Social Development has now stepped in, calling on police to investigate a case of child porn distribution.

Piekaan says he wrote the song as it was in the news and he wanted to take a stand against bullying.

Despite dressing up as the girl, he denies making fun of her.

“It is my intention as a moppie songwriter to voice current issues,” he explains.

Moppies are satirical and a comical way of voicing socio-political issues.

“When I started writing for Juvie Boys three years ago, my intention was to raise the bar pertaining to moppies in the ‘super league’ by not just focusing on the rhythm, but by telling real stories which educate while still being entertaining and funny.

“It is my personal belief that telling stories through moppies with strong social commentary make a stronger impact.”

He said young people should be taught how to use social media so it doesn’t impact negatively on their lives.

“We should utilise social media platforms to reflect a positive image of South Africa,” says Piekaan.

Despite the disturbing subject matter, Juvie Boy fans raved about Piekaan’s performance.

Nadeya Joseph posted on Facebook: “Omgosh I absolutely love this. #stopbeingabully.” [sic]

Performer Terry Fortune said: “Love it . Stunning”, while Kulsum “Kulie” Ahmed said: “ Ima send it to her granny.” [sic]

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